A. E. Kasanrokijat

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

An interesting Persian Achaemenid bronze vessel with a verical striped pattern on the body under a horizontal band, rising to a waisted neck and flared rim. Above the band clear traces of triangular band pattern. Typical Achaemenid shape and style bronze vessel. Iran, c. 550 to 330 BC. H: 11,8, D: 12,9 cm. Provenance: Veilinghuis Peerdeman Utrecht, 2009.

Pair of 19th century Chinese boxwood pictureframes - Birds, dragons, flowers, pearl. Measurements: H: 45, D: 1, W: 21 cm.

A selection of two Chinese picture frames and Javanese hardwood box.


Sartíe arts antiques was established in the spring of 2016 with the passionate aim of redistributing a variety of authentic arts and antiques. With a focus on ancient archaeological antiquities and Asian art.  


Sartíe arts antiques guards a consistent riciprocal synergy between authenticity and aesthetic beauty in the collection. Offering collectors and interestees an exiting and rapidly changing variety of higly decorative and genuine historical items.