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Egyptian wood and painted gesso sarcophagus mask - Late Period, 26th to 30th Dynasties, ca. 664 to 343 BCE. Price on request. Provenance: Venduhuis, Goes. Ex-Dutch private collection. SOLD

Rare and exclusive pair of 19th century Chinese boxwood pictureframes. With very fine and detailed hand carved ornamentations of floral motifs, birds, dragons and pearls. With only some minor chips at the upper flame tips in outstading condition. L: 45 cm. W: 21 cm.

A collection of 19th century Russian travel icons

From left to right: I. Joris and the Dragon - Copper, blue and white enamel - 13,7 x 11,9 centimeters, 418 gram. II. Crucifix Christ - Copper, light blue enamel - 23 x 14,5 centimeters, 670 gram. III. Exceptional piece, Boris and Aleb - Gilded copper - 13,2 x 9,1 centimeters, 284 gram. IV. Holy Saint Nikolas - Copper, blue enamel - 14,3 x 11,8 centimeters, 422 gram. Prices on request.


Sartíe arts antiques was established in the spring of 2016 with the passionate aim of redistributing a variety of authentic and carefully selected arts and antiques. With a focus on ancient archaeological antiquities and Asian art .  

Very detailled 19th century copper Russian travel icon - Crying Saint Nicolas - Price on request

Superb crafted 19th century copper Russian travel icon - Crucifix - Price on request


Sartíe arts antiques guards a consistent riciprocal synergy between authenticity and aesthetic beauty in its collection. Offering collectors and interestees an exiting and rapidly changing variety of higly decorative and genuine historical items.

19th century copper Russian travel icon - Joris and the Dragon - Price on request

Rare and exclusive gilded copper travel icon on Joris and the dragon - Russia - 19th century

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Sartíe arts antiques buys and sells art and antiques. We are interested in Asian antiques, ceramics and archaeological antiquities. Offer here.

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14K white gold natural ruby solitaire - SOLD

14K yellow gold natural green sapphire solitaire - SOLD

14K white gold 0.80 natural blue sapphire solitaire - SOLD