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Sartíe arts antiques buys and sells art and antiques. We are interested in Asian antiques, ceramics and archaeological antiquities. Offer here.

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Kammavaca manuscript - Burma - 19th century (SOLD)     


Sartíe arts antiques was established in the spring of 2016 with the passionate aim of redistributing a variety of authentic and carefully selected arts and antiques. With an emphasis on oriental art and antiques, European and Meso-American ceramics as well as diamonds.  

Tang Bohua (1986) - Read about the artist by clicking on the image. Find details about the works at the bottom of this page.


Sartíe arts antiques conscientiously guards a consistent riciprocal synergy between authenticity and aesthetic beauty in its collection. Offering collectors and interestees an exiting and rapidly changing variety of higly decorative and genuine historical and contemporary items.

Pottery amphora with single handle c. 200 AD. (SOLD)

A set of four stone-rubbings with a depiction of tidal waves by the young Chinese artist Tang Bohua. The works are part of the introduction of his nostalgic animation called 'The Country of Summer Insects.' The narrative is based on an important story from the Zhuangzi. For the images in the introduction Tang Bohua used the ancient technique of tayin, a kind of stone-rubbing to copy inscriptions. Tang Bohua was born in Liuyang, Hunan province in 1986. He graduated from the Print-making Department of the Academy of Art of Hangzhou in 2009. In 2011 he estabished Beijing Inkman Cultural Communicaton Co. The works each measure 33 x 19 cm. Framed in wood measuring 45 x 31,5 cm. In mint conditon.

Set price  -  1200 euro